Ashland, the Henry Clay Estatepic

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate

Hi, all! How have y'all been? Summer is passing by so quickly - unfortunately - but, it has been filled with many adventures to say…
Jacob Jul 13, 2014
Green Shakepic

Green Shake

I posted a really yummy green shake recipe on my blog today! Have a look. I've been trying to post on here lately with no luck…
Jacob Jan 25, 2014


I had a lovely semester at Centre this fall! This was a photo I took this winter during a snow walking to class.   More on my…
Jacob Dec 30, 2013
My favorite presentpic

My favorite present

My favorite present is never a material good, money, or anything like that. It is always the gift that is the most thoughtful. Chris made…
Jacob Dec 28, 2013
Hope you had yourself a very merry Christmas...pic

Hope you had yourself a very merry Christmas...

I sure did! Thank you to each and every one of you who took time out of your day to extend well wishes to me…
Jacob Dec 26, 2013
Rotini with a Homemade Blue Cheese Cream Sauce and Spinachpic

Rotini with a Homemade Blue Cheese Cream Sauce and Spinach

I cooked a meal for Judy and Chris - and it is featured on my blog! This dish was so creamy and delicious. Take a…
Jacob Dec 23, 2013
JJ and Ipic

JJ and I

This is my aunt JJ - the oldest living birth Phelps in my family's lineage. I am the youngest - and the only male! This…
Jacob Dec 22, 2013
LWC Graduationpic

LWC Graduation

Congrats to my friend Whitney on graduating from LWC with a degree in Business Administration! I am oh-so proud of you! This is a photo of…
Jacob Dec 17, 2013
Phelps for twopic

Phelps for two

What a lovely dinner I had last Saturday - it served as a great finals study-breaker! Hope all that are taking finals this and next…
Jacob Dec 10, 2013
Just Ride.pic
Long time, no posts!pic

Long time, no posts!

Hi, all! I hope this photo finds you well. It has been forever! Holiday decorating is in full swing at the apartment. If you want to…
Jacob Dec 06, 2013
Grace Potter and the Nocturnalspic
The Black Keyspic

The Black Keys

They were so amazing live!
Jacob Jul 16, 2013

Get to Know: Raven

Hi, all! I was really honored to be interviewed last week and I am super stoked to have the opportunity to interview one of my…
Jacob Jul 08, 2013
There's a place off Ocean Avenue, where I used to sit and talk with you.pic

A little trip to Nashville, TN

Hi, y'all! Here are a few photos (via my instant film camera) from the little overnight trip Chris and I took to Nashville, TN. While…
Jacob Jun 20, 2013
Chris y yopic
Grizzly Bearpic
Heine Brotherspic
I want to see people I want to see life.pic


Jacob Mar 14, 2013


Jacob Feb 27, 2013


Jacob Feb 14, 2013
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.pic
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